Thursday, October 14, 2010


what is your mind coming up when you heard a word ''STAR''.

star in the sky?

star in books when did the homework correctly?

star in a logo?


what else?

for me, when i heard STAR, i think of star in the sky!

but then, still got two STARS i got today!
my biology lecturer wants us to try our very best in final exam.
therefore,she gave us a small packet of honey star!
erm erm. and some warm regards written in a paper and a photo of starfish with our name.

and played a song ''because we believe'' which sing by a blind person.
it means that we can do anything we want to as we believe ourselves we can do that!
you sure can do it if you got the heart to do =)

hope we really can SHINE the brightest when doing biology papers!


  1. awwwwww... your lecturer is so goood!~ =)

  2. Hey Yee Yin,
    Gambateh for your final :)


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